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2017 Acura NSX


The Acura NSX was created to revolutionize supercar performance, delivering a more vivid, immediate and intuitive dynamic experience with instant acceleration, ultra-powerful yet easily controlled brakes, and exceptional handling—making the most of the driver's capabilities in every type of driving environment and rewarding the most skillful drivers with its extraordinary at-the-limit dynamic capabilities.

Ultimate Structural Rigidity
Like the original Acura NSX—the world's first all-aluminum supercar—the all-new NSX has a cutting-edge structure: its multi-material body and space frame utilize new materials and construction methods to create a structure with unprecedented dynamic rigidity.

Low and Centered Mass
The new Acura NSX "advanced sports package" is a design philosophy that seeks to optimize the design and packaging of all major vehicle systems—the body, chassis, interior, Sport Hybrid power unit (engine, Direct Drive Motor and 9DCT) and key hybrid components including the Intelligent Power Unit (containing the lithium-ion battery pack), PDU and the TMU—to lower and center the mass of the vehicle for optimal handling and dynamic response. The new NSX has the lowest center of gravity (CG) among its core competitors.

The low CG and centered mass pay dividends in handling and response. Biasing the mass toward the center of the NSX reduces the polar moment, making the car respond (yaw rate) faster to steering inputs and reducing its rotational kinetic energy. In other words, it's easier to initiate a turn, and easier to stop the rotation. The low CG also reduces the dynamic load transfer, thus stabilizing the vertical load on the tires.

The payoffs are quick and precise response to driver inputs, minimal unwanted body movement, and stable tire grip—thus raising the performance levels.

A Tight Grip on the Road
The Acura NSX's front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension systems were designed to support the extreme dynamic needs of this unique supercar, and work in perfect harmony with SH-AWD and all other systems.

An advanced double-joint front suspension design eliminates torque steer and steering kickback. The rear multi-link suspension provides high lateral rigidity to react faithfully to driver inputs and maintain stability.

Third-generation magnetorheological (MR) dampers continuously adjust damping forces in fractions of a second, instantaneously adapting to the driving situation, driver inputs and road conditions.

The system maintains the precise design geometry to extract the maximum grip and control from the tires. Agile at low speeds, yet supremely stable and predictable at high speeds, the NSX faithfully translates the driver's inputs and always changing road surfaces for ultimate handling performance.

Forged light alloy wheels with high lateral stiffness wrapped in 245/35ZR19 front and 305/30ZR20 rear tires provide the NSX's interface with the road. Standard high performance summer tires (Continental Conti-Sport Contact) provide excellent dry and wet weather handling and traction. The combination was tuned extensively in a joint effort with Continental to work in unison with the NSX chassis and SH-AWD systems to offer superior traction and grip.

Track-focused ultra-high performance summer tires, with elevated grip levels and even higher response characteristics are available as a dealer installed options.

Intuitive Steering
The Acura NSX employs a sophisticated dual-pinion (with rack-mounted assist motor) electric power steering (EPS) system with a variable gear ratio. When on center, the ratio is tuned for optimal high speed control and stability. Off center, the gear ratio becomes progressively quicker for improved turn-in and maneuverability at low and mid speeds. The overall quick ratio effectively eliminates the need for driver's hand-over-hand steering inputs.
High mounting and component stiffness minimize lost motion to help realize high steering accuracy and faithful road feedback. Steering assist levels are modified with the Integrated Dynamics System in concert with the MR dampers to provide appropriate effort and road feel for the desired level of performance.

Aerodynamic Balance & High Speed Stability
NSX's body shape was effectively designed to minimize aerodynamic drag while creating specifically balanced front-to-rear downforce through a total airflow management approach that focuses on utilizing airflow through each vent, while extracting maximum energy from the airflow field to cool the brakes and power unit.

Extensive research and development revealed that placing approximately three times as much downforce at the rear of the vehicle relative to the front of the car provides the optimal downforce balance for high-performance driving as well as everyday functionality.

Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive
Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is a further evolution of Acura's highly regarded Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system in vehicles like the Acura TLX sports sedan and MDX sport-utility vehicle. This pinnacle new system electrifies the torque vectoring ability and provides this capacity to all drivers in all driving conditions.

The NSX's revolutionary Sport Hybrid SH-AWD uses torque vectoring-enhanced vehicle dynamics—and specifically direct yaw control—to ultimate advantage by utilizing the instantaneous and "always-on" capacities of its electric motors to directly create a yaw moment at any speed, under power, and in off-throttle driving maneuvers—with greater immediacy and precision.

Supported by the advanced yaw-control capabilities of Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, the NSX driver is able to execute super-precise line tracing when aiming for the apex out on the track or on a favorite winding road. What's more, the driver can do so with superb vehicle stability as well as a low workload, thus expanding the capabilities of all drivers, ranging from novice clubman to professional racer in virtually any driving scenario.

When accelerating the system provides instantaneous torque response via its three electric motors—the Direct Drive Motor and front Twin Motor Unit.

While braking, the Acura NSX employs both its muscular mechanical braking system and its regenerative braking capabilities to deliver powerful, precise and virtually fade-free brake performance with very natural and progressive pedal feel while also recapturing kinetic energy to charge the system's lithium-ion hybrid battery.

When cornering, the NSX's Twin Motor Unit and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) work cooperatively to enhance cornering precision (line traceability). If desired, VSA can be disabled by simply selecting the Track mode setting of the Integrated Dynamics System, and then holding the VSA "Off" button, located on a panel to the left of the steering wheel, for at least six seconds.

By taking advantage of the immediate high-torque response of the system's three electric motors to heighten control, the Acura NSX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system elevates any driver's confidence and performance driving capabilities while extracting more performance from the car than is possible with conventional methods.

Next-Gen Supercar Power
At the heart of any supercar lies a powerful and responsive powertrain. The 2017 NSX raises the game by making its tremendous power instantly accessible and finely controllable.

Primary power is supplied by the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine, with peak engine output of 500 hp and 406 lb.-ft. of torque at the driver's disposal. Broad power and torque bands mean that this massive motive force is available when the driver really wants it. Dual electric waste gates help manage boost regulation for smooth throttle transitions.

The new Acura NSX's 9-speed dual clutch transmission also plays a crucial role. Lightning-fast up and downshifts delivered seamlessly make the NSX a joy to drive—the faster the better. The wide total ratio range coupled with closely spaced individual ratios supports maximum extraction of the twin-turbo V6 power. And the transmission programming selects the right gear at the right time, or lets drivers select as they wish.

But the real secret to the NSX's virtually zero-delay acceleration lies in the seamless integration of the instant and substantial torque from the front TMU and Direct Drive Motor. This right now electric power pushes the NSX's total output to 573 hp and allows fine adjustment of power for maximum performance—on the street or track.

Importantly, the NSX's control systems manage the collective system power and torque smoothly while allowing scintillating response and acceleration. Responses can also be progressively quickened via Integrated Dynamics System settings.

Launch Mode Control
For ultimate, high-G acceleration from the standstill, the Acura NSX driver can invoke Launch Mode Control. With the 9-speed DCT set in either Drive ("D") or Manual ("M") and the Integrated Dynamics System set to "Track" mode, the driver depresses the brake pedal with the left foot while simultaneously pushing the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor with the right foot. When the brake pedal is released, the NSX will perform a perfectly executed launch that utilizes peak power from the TMU, twin-turbocharged V-6 engine and Direct Drive Motor.

Super Sports Brakes
Seamlessly integrating both mechanical (friction) brakes with electro-servo control and a regenerative brake system, the NSX provides exceptionally precise, linear and virtually fade-free braking performance in almost any driving condition. To support the driver in high-speed driving scenarios as well as at low-speeds, the powerful brake system has been painstakingly tuned for easy, predictable modulation in any condition.

The Brembo mono block brake calipers have been designed with high rigidity to provide even pressure distribution and superior pedal feel. Ultra-high performance and lightweight carbon ceramic brake rotors are available as a factory-installed option. Both the carbon ceramic and the standard iron rotors use a two-piece floating design to maintain consistent stopping power under severe braking.

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